Automate FTP Downloads and Uploads with FTPGetter Professional

For those who work with web development, accessing and using files stored on remote FTP or SFT servers is often a daily part of the routine. Whether you're manually installing a theme or plugin for WordPress or synchronizing files between a local and remote server, using a basic FTP client provides an instantly familiar environment. Unfortunately, these clients are also severely limited when it comes to speed, responsiveness and features sets. They typically offer no way to synchronize files and, oftentimes, you can only upload or download one file at once. Most don't even provide a decent file-searching function, which makes them practically impossible to use for all but the simplest of occasional tasks. The web-based FTP clients, such as those provided by many hosting companies, tend to be even more limited. Fortunately, there's a better way - FTPGetter Professional does away with these limitations and instead lets you automate FTP and SFTP transfers.

Automated Synchronization Made Easy

FTPGetter Professional can automatically monitor changes between local and remote servers and update files and folders as necessary to ensure that both are always kept current. This process also negates the risk of human error by automatically tracking file versions and making sure that current data never gets overwritten. You can define scheduled tasks using a simple wizard-driven interface. For example, you can have the program check for new file creations or updates once per day, updating them as necessary to ensure that both copies are current. All you need to do is pick a suitable time and date and select the file types you want FTPGetter Professional to pay attention to. Thanks to support for file masks, you can easily specify which file types to check by adding the file extensions for those types. If you prefer, you can also use the built-in terminal emulator, which lets you connect to remote servers and execute commands using a command-line environment. The software supports batch processing as well, so you can work with FTP or SFTP directory structures of any level of complexity.

How to Use FTPGetter Professional

Right from the outset, FTPGetter Professional is designed to save you time, and that means keeping the learning curve down to a minimum. To that end, it provides an instantly familiar user interface that, at a first glance, looks like many standard FTP clients. Under the hood, however, it's a very different matter, since this software provides the advanced (yet easy to use) functionality that you need to streamline your workflows. You can add and manage as many FTP or SFTP server profiles as you wish and create and edit them without any restrictions. You can create automated tasks using the simple, self-explanatory automation task wizard, in which scheduling a task is a three-step process that usually takes only a couple of minutes to complete. There's also a Site Explorer to help you navigate multiple servers, and intuitive context menus are available by right-clicking the mouse. Finally, you can even drag and drop files and folders directly from Windows Explorer just like you would when moving or copying files on your computer. Get started today at

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Recover Lost Data and Deleted Partitions from NTFS Drives

When you empty the Recycle Bin, Windows always gives you a warning stating that the files within will be gone for good if you go ahead. Similarly, if you format a drive or delete a hard drive partition, you will also receive a warning that any data stored on that drive or partition will also be permanently deleted. In other situations, people lose important files due to a hardware failure or an attack by malicious software. For example, solid-state drives have a limited number of read and write cycles, and while they are getting better all the time, they can still fail without any warning. Once again, you end up in a situation in which some or all of the original files stored on the device or software-defined partition are supposedly gone for good.

Introducing Data Recovery

When people think about data recovery, they normally think about restoring data from a backup, such as a secondary hard drive or online storage system. This is always preferable, and that's why every computer user should keep a copy of their important files on a separate storage device or, better yet, using a cloud-storage facility. However, what happens if you don't have an up-to-date backup of your files available? You might assume that they are gone for good. Fortunately, and despite the warnings, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, data is always recoverable provided that it hasn't been overwritten by another operation. Even then, a portion of the file will usually still be recoverable, which is undoubtedly better than nothing.

When you format a drive, delete a partition or empty the Recycle Bin, the only thing that changes is the master file table. In NTFS-formatted drives, this is a huge database that contains information about every directory and file on the partition or hard drive. When one file is deleted from the Recycle Bin, for example, its associated entry will be removed from that database. The space previously occupied by the file will then be marked as available to the operating system. Only once something else overwrites the original data completely will it be gone for good. Until that happens, however, there is a window of opportunity during which you should be able to recover the file intact. Sometimes, people have been able to recover data this way even months after deletion.

Due to the fact that any other operation can overwrite the original data at any time, it's important to attempt recovery as quickly as possible, without making any further modifications to the contents of the hard drive. NTFS Recovery Toolkit was designed to exploit this opportunity by scanning your drive for recoverable data. Using pre-defined file signatures, you can also search for files of specific types, which is useful given that the original filename and directory structure will no longer be there. The latest version adds even more file signatures to support formats like ONE, PUB, IBD, FRM, MYI, VDI and BCB. Its new Easy Recovery Mode also makes the process easier than ever before. The latest edition also sports updated versions of File Recovery and Partition Recovery.

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Get Your Data and Partitions Back with Active@ File Recovery

Almost every computer user has experienced that dreaded feeling before when they empty the Recycle Bin or format the wrong drive only to realize when it is already too late that they had just deleted important files. Since Windows and most other operating systems warn you before that the files will be permanently deleted in such cases, people understandably tend to assume that they will never be able to get them back. However, due to the way modern storage devices and file systems work, this isn't actually quite true. In fact, there's a good chance that you'll be able to get back what you have lost by exploiting the fact that data isn't permanently lost until something else has overwritten it. Sometimes, it takes many months for that to happen. However, getting on top of the problem quickly gives you a much higher chance of success. Here's how [email protected] File Recovery exploits that opportunity to recover your data where others have failed.

Scan Your Drive for Recoverable Data with [email protected] File Recovery

When you delete a file or format a drive, the only thing that changes is the entry in the master file table. This huge database contains all the information about the directory and file structure of the partition or hard drive. There is one entry for every file on the device, which states its location, name and various other file attributes. However, this is only meta information, meaning that it is completely separate from the file itself. Once that meta information is deleted, the space previously taken up by the file is marked as available for the creation of new data. Because the information about the file is deleted when the disk is formatted, or the file removed from the Recycle Bin, there's no way to locate it using conventional means. [email protected] File Recovery gets around this limitation by introducing support for various file signatures.

File signatures in [email protected] File Recovery allow you to look for recoverable data of specific formats, such as documents, pictures, videos or compressed archives. The latest edition adds support for even more file signatures than ever before. New file extensions supported include ONE, PUB, VDI, BCB, IBD, FRM and MYI. You can also use the new Easy Recovery mode, which greatly simplifies the search for lost files on live volumes. With this features and abilities at your disposal, you can find files of just about any type you want and restore them back to the file system as though nothing had ever happened in the first place. Furthermore, being the product of ongoing research and development, [email protected] File Recovery is better than ever at data recovery - it's faster, more efficient, easier to use and it increases your chances of a successful recovery operation more than ever before.

[email protected] File Recovery version 18 also sports the latest editions of [email protected] Boot Disk and [email protected] LiveCD, which let you boot up your computer into a fully self-contained operating system to avoid making any further modifications to the drive which might hinder recovery operations. Find out more at

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Is Cyclonis Password Manager a Password Encryption Tool?

What Is Encryption?

According to Webopedia, encryption is a "translation of data into a secret code." So if a file got encrypted, the information within it has been scrambled according to a certain algorithm, and so it is impossible to read it just like any other file in plain text. To "unlock" the encrypted file, you need a key or a password that would help you decrypt it. Encryption is a very common method that is employed to strengthen cyber security. Likewise, it can also be misused by cyber criminals to threaten users into giving away their money. The current ransomware pandemic also comes along with encryption, where criminals hold victim's files hostage asking to pay for the decryption tool. So just like almost any tool, encryption can be used for both positive and negative purposes.

What Is Password Encryption?

Some security experts say that the exact term is not password encryption but password "hashing." However, the act of storing user passwords safely can be called both, encrypting and hashing, depending on the method you choose. So what are the differences? First, hashing is a one-way function, while symmetric encryption is a reversible operation. Michael Coates at DARK Reading pointed out that encryption "allows anyone with access to the encryption key to decrypt and obtain the original input value." Hashing does not allow reverting the value to its original form that easy. As a result, hashing is mostly used within data systems and it does not require the user's intervention. Encryption might be chosen by the user themselves, especially if they use a password encryption tool.

How Does Password Encryption Work With Cyclonis Password Manager?

Cyclonis Password Manager can be considered a password encryption tool because it provides you with a password vault that responds only to one key - your master password. Therefore, you have your encrypted data and a token necessary to unlock it.

Let's say you have several passwords stored in Cyclonis Password Manager. What happens to your passwords when they get saved on Cyclonis? Well, first, your password vault is encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm in GCM mode. AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard and it was first published in 1998. This encryption algorithm has been adopted by the U.S. governmen, and it can be encountered anywhere in the world these days. Cyclonis also uses PKCS5_PBKDF2 and HMAC_DRBG to generate encryption that would protect your data. PKCS5_PBKDF2 is a key derivation function that should reduce encrypted keys vulnerability to brute force attacks. Keeping in mind that nowadays brute force attacks are really dangerous due to powerful CPUs, it is necessary to employ such tools to protect your data. Meanwhile, HMAC_DRBG is a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator based on hash-based message authentication code. The only way to unlock the password vault is to use your master password. Cyclonis has certain requirements for the master password, making it as complex as possible. One important thing to remember when using Cyclonis is that the app does not store the master password anywhere. So it is important that users DO NOT LOSE it.

Another significant aspect of Cyclonis Password Manager is that it offers the two-factor authentication feature. Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication is a system that ensures a higher level of security for any kind of sensitive data. It is possible to configure Cyclonis in a way each time you access your account through a new device; you will get a temporary one-time-password sent to your email. This way, by entering the temporary code, you would confirm your identity on a new device that the application does not initially recognize. This minimizes the possibility that someone else might use your account on an unfamiliar device. You can also set up multi-factor authentication for every login on any device you use.

Why Is It Recommended to Use a Password Encryption Tool?

The answer is simple: For your personal data security. When the password encryption tool is also a password manager, it provides you with a certain level of simplicity because you no longer need to remember every single password. What's more, you can be sure that a password manager will not reuse the same password for multiple accounts because Cyclonis generates strong, unique, individual passwords. And those passwords are protected in your password vault with encryption, you being the only one who has the key to unlock the vault. So such an application gives you several advantages. First, you do not need to come up with complex passwords yourself. Second, all your passwords are stored in one place. Third, the storage vault is protected with a strong encryption algorithm, and you can be sure that passwords will not be leaked just like that.

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Supercharge Your Photography Career with a Creative Photo Editor

Are you an amateur or professional photographer seeking to make an impact in your industry, yet you just don't have the right tools at your disposal? Sure, you've probably already got a pretty good digital camera, but did you know that choosing the right software can also save many hours of your precious time? That's especially likely if you're currently using lots of different programs to work with your image collection. That's why ACDSee Ultimate was developed to bring everything under one hood and help you streamline your workflows like never before. Aside from being the ultimate creative photo editor, it includes full digital asset management and RAW support for a huge and constantly increasing range of camera brands and models. Renowned for exceptional organizational prowess and layered photo editing, ACDSee Ultimate is the flagship product from ACD Systems.

Unrivalled Performance and Usability

ACDSee Ultimate is an all-in-one software package that you can extensively customize to suite your specific needs and the way you like to work. It's suitable for a wide range of users, including not only photographers, but also professional design teams of pretty much any sort. For example, you can use the advanced editing features to create eye-catching, professional advertising materials like brochures and posters. Other possibilities include professional-grade photo presentations and innovative graphical representations of just about every kind you can imagine. Offering cutting-edge performance and reliability, users can choose from digital asset management mode, editing mode, and viewing mode. The Ultimate edition also includes a Develop mode to offer more advanced and powerful functions, and you can even automate entire processes.

For those looking for a way to shift their focus to the most rewarding parts of their jobs, ACDSee Ultimate endows you with the tools you need to fly through your workflow with ease. It supports all the latest hardware, so you never have to spend your time staring at unnecessary loading screens. It supports GPU acceleration as well, which is great for those with dedicated graphics cards. Thanks to built-in automation features, you no longer need to waste time on tedious and repetitive tasks like manually organizing your photo collection. Furthermore, the program supports almost any visual asset you can think of, including RAW photo formats for a large variety of cameras. The latest edition adds native support for many more cameras, including the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, Fujifilm X-H1, Leica V-LUX 2, Olympus PEN E-PL9, Sony A7R III, and Sony RX0.

Advanced, yet easy to use, editing features allow you to achieve quality results in less time, without having to worry about changing the entire image. With non-destructive layered editing, every pixel is under your control. You can, for example, manipulate specific layers or areas of those layers with various filters or even pixel-by-pixel editing without making any changes to the original image. Even if you're working with huge or very high-resolution images, ACDSee Ultimate is the creative photo software you need to get the job done quickly, which is also thanks to built-in support and optimization for multimonitor setups. Visit the official website today at

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Organize Photos, Share Photos, and More with ACDSee

Whether you're a practical amateur or a seasoned photographer, chances are you have a huge and constantly growing selection of photos. If you're still using Windows Explorer to keep track of everything, then it won't be long before this approach becomes completely unmanageable. When that happens, you end up spending far too much time organizing your content, while also trying to make sure you don't accidentally delete or overwrite something important. There's also the fact that more time spent trying to organize photos and other content quickly becomes a major killer of productivity, and that means less profitability for those who rely on their photos for their living. If this scenario sounds at all familiar, then it's probably time to change the way you organize, edit, and share photos. That's where ACDSee comes in as your complete visual content management system.

Streamlining Your Workflows with ACDSee

In fact, you don't even need to be an amateur or professional photographer to enjoy the value of ACDSee. Now that almost everyone has a smartphone or standalone digital camera, taking snaps has become a regular part of day-to-day life for many of us. After just a year, even a modest camera user can build up a collection well in excess of a thousand photos. Thanks to the fact that it's now so easy to take photos at any time and in almost any situation, it doesn't take long before you end up with multiple folders full of files. Just wait until you're trying to find a specific photo among all that! Chances are, you might want to just keep your best photos, but if you're relying on manual processes alone to cull your collection and keep track of your best work, you'll end up deleting something important. Rather than leaving you to face this overwhelming task alone, ACDSee was developed to streamline your workflows and provide a solution that helps you keep track of everything within a single program.

What makes ACDSee stand apart from other solutions is that it builds upon the familiar file and folder infrastructure to minimize the learning curve. At a first glance, it looks and works much like the Windows File Explorer. However, by providing user-friendly and intuitive controls, it helps you keep organized with features such as photo categories, the ability to assign hierarchical keywords and tags, and even use visual color labelling. To automate much of the laborious manual tasks of old, it also includes a smart indexing feature that automatically catalogues and organizes your photos while the computer is idle. This makes it the perfect solution for those with larger collections who don't want to spend hours migrating their content to a completely new system.

ACDSee also helps you optimize, improve, and share photos all within one program. In other words, it does far more than just help you optimize your workflows. No longer do you have to waste time with trivial manual tasks. With built-in editing features, such as red-eye removal, resizing, flipping, and more, you can enjoy complete control over your collection at the tap of a button. That's a lot of time saved!

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Organize, Edit, and Share Your Work with Professional Photo Software

Designed for both enthusiastic amateurs and professional photographers, ACDSee Professional has become a favorite solution for editing, organizing, and sharing photos across collections of any size. As a professional photo editor, it provides full compatibility with RAW photo formats used by most professional-grade digital cameras. This allows users to retain full control over literally every single pixel in an image as it was taken by the camera. In other words, compression no longer factors into the equation, since ACDSee Professional supports many RAW camera formats straight out of the box. Furthermore, support for different camera brands and models is increasing all the time, with the latest 2018 Update 2 version introducing support for the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, Fujifilm X-H1, Leica V-LUX 2, Olympus PEN E-PL9, Sony A7R III (ILCE-7RM3), and Sony RX0 (DSC-RX0).

Managing Your Digital Assets No Longer Has to be a Chore

The product of many years of research and refinement, ACDSee Professional is always improving and always adding new features and optimizations. The latest edition provides improved mode switching and numerous fixes to make using the program easier and more efficient than ever. It's far more than just another photo editor - it's designed to serve as your complete digital asset management system complete with an instantly familiar user interface that takes minimal time to learn. Professional photo software at its heart, ACDSee Professional helps you streamline your workflows with automation, different user modes and simple, intuitive controls. The program helps you from the moment you open up your latest image to the moment you publish it. Built-in content management features, accessible through the management mode, help you keep your collections in order with a familiar folder tree. However, it's so much more than that since it also allows you to assign hierarchical keywords, categories, ratings, and even colored labels to help you keep track of your collection. ACDSee Professional also uses a smart indexing feature that will continuously optimize and manage your photos while your computer is idle so that nothing interrupts your workflow.

Your go-to Photography Assessment

If you're not using ACDSee Professional already, chances are you're using multiple programs to carry out a single task. However, by migrating your workflow to ACDSee Professional, you can bring everything under one hood and have your own virtual assistant on your side every step of the way. Furthermore, the program provides different modes to minimize distractions while you're working. For example, viewing mode is ideal for viewing your latest images, while management mode lets you sort your collection into different categories, keywords, and folders, while editing mode lets you optimize your images to perfection. That way, you don't end up getting distracted from your current workflow. It's rather like having a whole set of useful applications rolled into one without ever having to alt-tab between them or waste time trying to get used to new or different user interfaces.

If you're looking for a one-stop shop to help streamline your photography career, then look no further than

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Manage Multiple Passwords Easily with Cyclonis Password Manager

Passwords form the backbone of any digital security strategy, either at home or in the workplace. Although we have now entered the age of multi-factor authentication, biometric controls and various other methods, the humble password is still the first and last line of defense protecting your digital data in most cases. The challenge lies in managing an increasingly large array of different login credentials from online banking to email to applications and much more. The average computer user now has dozens of online accounts, making it much harder than ever before to keep track of everything. How many times have you forgotten a password only to find that you have been locked out of an important account and had to go through the often time consuming process of manually resetting your login credentials?

If the above scenario sounds familiar, then it might be time to consolidate your password-driven data security using a dedicated password manager, an app which will help you remember and keep track of your passwords while helping you preserve your security. If you have been worrying about your passwords, then Cyclonis Password Manager is here to help you simplify your online life which, by the way, probably hasn't been getting any easier of late. Available for both Windows and Mac, this free password manager only weighs in at just over 5 megabytes, so it's ready to use within minutes. It also works with all versions of Windows from Windows 7 right up to the most recent release of Windows 10. The Mac edition supports macOS 10.11 or later, so it will work with all current and slightly older computers too.

Boost Your Online Productivity

As everyone who uses the internet by now should know, the threats to your digital security are more real than ever. It is knowing this that makes many of us spend a huge amount of time worrying about our security and trying to find convenient and safe methods to keep our private data safe. All this takes time, especially when you are accustomed to using lots of different devices for work and play, such as smartphones, tablets and laptop or desktop computers. That's why Cyclonis Password Manager will keep your passwords automatically synchronized between every device you use, thereby allowing you to log into your user accounts with ease. Furthermore, you will no longer need to waste time filling in complicated online forms, since everything will be taken care of with just a few clicks.

Maximize Your Security

Taking a disorganized and fragmented approach to password-based security is asking for trouble. After all, if a system or process is harder to use, then it's also harder to keep safe from unwanted attention. However, with Cyclonis Password Manager on your side, your login credentials will all be safely stored in a digital vault complete with AES 256-bit encryption that simply cannot be hacked into. The system itself will be accessible using a master password which, naturally, should be long and complicated enough that no one could possibly ever guess it. Add the browser extension to your favorite web browser, and you've got everything you need to safeguard your digital life. Learn more at

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Work Seamlessly with QuarkXPress Files in Adobe InDesign

If you routinely work with QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign, then Q2ID is one of the most important plugins you will ever buy. The addon is designed for all recent versions of InDesign and, unlike most utilities that convert between different file formats, it preserves all the important original content intact. There's no need to worry about losing on-page elements and formatting, which makes it a highly dependable solution for those who work with both platforms or are migrating from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign. In such cases, users will be able to save a great deal of time, since there won't be any need to recreate the documents from scratch. The plugin gives you a great head start as well, without you needing to install a separate program to take care of all the file conversions. Ultimately, these benefits translate into time and money saved for publishers or designers migrating from QuarkXPress.

Conversions without Compromise

When you have two completely different file formats, there are often pros and cons between the two. For example, one format might support a certain style of formatting while the other doesn't, and vice versa. Furthermore, some formats are far more limited than others as is the case, for example, with RTF and Microsoft Office formats. As such, converting between two very different formats in this many can be complicated, since it inevitably leads to losing important features and data when converting to a format that does not support so many features. Fortunately, that's not the case when using Q2ID to convert your QuarkXPress documents to Adobe InDesign. Both files formats support many of the same features, but they are rendered in very different ways. Fortunately, Q2ID understands this, but converts everything properly nonetheless without compromising on the quality of the output files.

Q2ID is available for both the Windows and macOS versions of Adobe InDesign, and it converts almost all elements of the original QuarkXPress document. These include page positioning information, pantone colors, color models, layers, images, text boxes and attributes, blends, anchored boxes, fonts, runarounds, tables, styles and much more. In most cases, you won't even be able to tell that the original file has been converted. Furthermore, Q2ID supports InDesign CC 2018 through InDesign CS 5 and any document created in QuarkXPress 2018 from the fourth edition. Conversions are quick and simple too, just a click away without you having to leave the program. Once the plugin has been installed, a new Markzware menu will appear in Adobe InDesign in which you can important your QuarkXPress files as though they were natively supported in the application.

Q2ID is now available as a subscription model to give you complete control over your investment while also providing free updates, support for the latest QuarkXPress document versions and the most current version of Adobe InDesign. Annual subscriptions are available too. If you're still not sure that Q2ID provides the ultimate QuarkXPress to InDesign migration tool for your needs, then you can check out the reviews on the website or elsewhere. Get started today by pointing your browser to

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Schedule and Automate Reports with CRD Crystal Report Scheduler

Regardless of your industry and the size of your business, digital data is by far the most important asset you have at your disposal, and this fact is only going to become more crucial as the world becomes more reliant on data. That's because every digital activity generates data, whether it's a like on Facebook, an order on an e-commerce store or even a customer calling in for sales advice or technical support. These days, all such activities are recorded and, while many of them are anonymous, you can still translate much of this data into actionable insights. Data-driven insights will help you make smarter business decisions and, to a degree, put your company's future growth on autopilot. The big question is, naturally, how can you make sense of these enormous data sets? The answer to this major modern business challenge lies in using the right tools.

Why Automation Offers the Perfect Answer

Crystal Reports is an industry-leading business intelligence application designed with small businesses in mind. It collects valuable data from a wide range of sources, allows administrators to easily design and customize their reports and more. What it lacks by itself, however, is full automation such as the ability to run reports at specific times or when certain events occur before sending them in your desired format to wherever you want. To create and obtain your reports manually is time-consuming and also prone to human error, which is one of the main reasons why automation helps you to get technology back on your side and eliminate the need to repetitive and mundane tasks.

The time and date scheduling features allow you to choose from hourly, weekly or monthly reports, but you can also set far more specific timetables, such as the second Wednesday every month. You can also run the same report multiple times, albeit with different parameters. This makes CRD Crystal Report Scheduler the perfect solution for a huge variety of different businesses, since it may be easily customized to suit an extensive range of different goals and operational processes. Another useful ability is event triggering, which tells the program to automatically generate remotes when specific variables are met. To give some examples, these might include file modifications, new database entries, a new program opening or an email being received. Since the possibilities are practically endless thanks to the ability to define and set event triggers, you can even use the tool to monitor for attempted data leaks.

Enjoy Business Benefits that Fuel Growth and Supercharge Productivity

Automation provides some very important benefits in the fast-paced world of modern, technology-driven business. Some of the greatest include lower costs, increased productivity, reduced risk of human error, access to more valuable insights and increased employee morale and customer satisfaction. Whether you're currently spending too much time manually running or sending reports or you simply need to negate the risk of human error, CRD Crystal Report Scheduler has you covered. The latest edition includes several bug fixes and enhancements, including the ability to send reports as URLs when email has been set as the destination. There's also a new CutePDF rendering option for PDF outputs and visibility into snapshot limits. Learn more at

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